What you will get

If you have looked at watercolor paintings and thought "I wish I could do that" or "That seems really complicated and unforgiving" then this course is for you. Having worked in watercolor since I was a small child, I have experimented, taken classes, and created my own work in this medium, and am now sharing my love of watercolor with you!

Through exercises, demonstrations, explanations and videos, I will take you step by step through all the materials you need, de-mystify what watercolor is all about, and allow you to confidently approach this beautiful and spontaneous medium in no time.

Part of what is so great about this course is it's interactivity. It is a fully customizable course that lets you be the guide in your own education. You choose which lessons and when you want to do them, how many times you repeat a topic, and how deep you want to go.

You will really get your money's worth in this class with downloadable video tutorials, exercises and quizzes that give you a holistic approach to learning artistic skills so no matter what level you are or how you learn, there is something here for you!

color wheel for painting class

Learn with downloadable presentations you can pause and rewind for maximum impact

paint tubes for watercolor materials
Video Tutorials

Our video tutorials show you in depth all the critical material you need to know, almost like being right in the studio!

watercolor foliage painting
Practical Exercises

Learn with real exercises you can complete on your own terms that will give you applicable skills

Interactive Introduction

Get a unique and hands-on view of creating a watercolor from composing to finished painting.

Dana Harris Seeger in the Print Shop at School of Visual Philosophy

Meet your Instructor:

Hi, I’m Dana Harris Seeger

I am a native Californian, tied to my Baltic roots in symbols, sight, sound and spirit; making art and advocating for art education in the heart of Silicon Valley. I co-created the School of Visual Philosophy with my husband, Yori in 2013. I really enjoy merging fine art with technology in my artwork, my business and now with my teaching.

I will be your instructor for this course, so hang on and get ready to go deep into Color!

Course Curriculum

  Introduction and Interaction
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Available in days
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  Hands On Exercises
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  Bonus Project
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