You love creating, but feel like you have too many interests
You find yourself wondering how to explain, in a cohesive way, all the different types of work you do
You feel nervous when talking to others about your art.

Why Take This Course?

As an artist, you create from within. It is often hard to translate that inner work to a verbal or written explanation.

If you find that you are struggling with writing for a grant or exhibit application, want to sell more art and want to do it all without spending a ton of money and a ton of time staring at a computer screen, then this is the course for you!

You have all the keys to success, you just need to own your story and have the confidence to tell it out loud. My goal with this course is to enable artists to sell more art and connect authentically with their clients using their unique characteristics to expertly and confidently share their story with the world.

As artists, we are told we need to "find our voice" or stick to a certain way of making art, but how can we do that when we are not given the tools to succeed? I will give you my 3 Part Recipe for Crafting your Perfect Artist Statement that will set you on the journey of clarity so whenever you sit down to create, talk with someone about your work or write about it, you are doing it with the confidence that you are staying true to who YOU ARE!

paint brushes in a carrying case

You are in the Right Place

This course has quick, actionable ways for you to get started writing your Artist Statement in less than 1 day!

By the end of this course, you will have the confidence to tell the world who you are, and why you make art. You will be able to seamlessly adjust your statement to any application, and your audience won't be able to stop talking about you!

Meet your Instructor

Born on the coast of California, Dana Harris Seeger uses painting and printmaking to tell her story and connect her Baltic heritage to her life as an identical twin and mother of twins. Being a compulsive educator and learner, Dana values holistic education and teaches courses online and in person in a variety of pictorial methods. She was a KQED Woman to Watch in 2016, the 2020 Santa Clara County Artist Laureate and the 2022 Creative Ambassador for the City of San Jose.

How much is this course?

There is really no reason NOT to enroll in this mini course that will set you on the path of transforming your professional art career.

Example Curriculum

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  The 3 Part Recipe
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