Forging your own Tools

Making your own tools is essential for blacksmiths. Whether you are a total beginner learning the craft, or an experienced tradesman, the ability to craft a custom tool for your own needs is so beneficial. Tools are the craftsman's bridge to creativity. Making your own tools is not only satisfying, it is also a holistic endeavor, utilizing your brain, hands, body and senses.

This is a complete master course designed to bring you in to my way of working- my way of seeing the world through the eyes of a sculptor and craftsman. I bring all of my experience to the table, showing you in-depth what I have learned as a professional sculptor.

I will be telling the story of my family through the series of tools and skills of the course. Each tool will require different techniques and skills in order to create including sculpting, forging, mold making, casting metal and more!

What will you get?

You will get an intimate view of my way of making and seeing the world- how I tell my story through my craftsmanship and artistry. I will be breaking down the processes into materials, techniques and form in order to give you an intimate look at what goes into the creation of a family tool chest. Some elements may be familiar, and others may be new, and I am always available to answer questions as we embark on this journey together.

Hand forged hammers created by Yori Seeger
Hand forged hammers
Downloadable Content

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Video Lessons

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Hammer on an anvil
Practical Application

This course will give you practical exercises and useful tips to help improve your knowledge and skills.

Yori Seeger in front of the blacksmithing shop

Meet your Instructor

Hi, I'm Yori Seeger. I have over 20 years of experience in metal casting, blacksmithing, and sculpting. I am a craftsman at heart and believe that craftsmanship is the ability to create and perfect my work, while art is a language that can be spoken visually. I use art and craft in tandem to improve and challenge my work. I invite you to join me on this journey as we hone our skills together.

Yori creating a Hammer

Watch Yori Seeger create a hammer right in our studio in San Jose, California while he explains a bit about his artistic practice

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